Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cross Lake Director of Education

On Thursday night, Oct 20 we had the 

pleasure of meeting Greg Halcrow the Director of Education for the Cross Lake Education Authority, and his wife Cheif Betty Lou Halcrow. 
It was a really enjoyable evening getting to know one another over dinner at Judi's home. They are in town to see their sons movie which is playing at the ImageNATIVE film festival.
That day they were shown the sites of Toronto with a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Eaton Centre and a fun game called find the missing car in the huge unmarked Toronto parking lot! Thanks to Meredith and Marshal for showing them around downtown. Meredith and Marshal were both vice principals at Downsview before their retirement.
Dinner was full of great conversation and we learned even more about Cross Lake. We were saddened to learn that another teen had taken his own life this summer, only two weeks before school began. 
As awful as things have been in this community there seems to be a lot of great things happening too. There are a lot more organized sports and clubs and they had a musician come and play for 500 students.
With the Indigenous Games coming up in Toronto in July 2017 many students are preparing to participate in the games from Cross Lake! It'll be great to show them around our city and school! 

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