Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday Update

All in all it was a really great day for all of us. We've learned so much and met so many wonderful people. All of us could stay longer. We have been made to feel so welcome and like a part of the school. It will be sad to leave though none of us feel like it's coming to an end. In fact it really does feel like the beginning.
The 3D printer is truly up and running. Prinn has networked it so it can print from any computer in the school with the MakerPrint software installed. Detailed instructions have been written and gone over and a few more staff were trained on troubleshooting and managing 3D files. We printed about 10 student keychains today and there are another 40 to go! The students really picked up the technology quickly.  
Video students were taping all over the school today. They took some amazing behind the scenes footage of the kitchen which feeds all of the students a hot meal everyday. These students captured many amazing sights that only they could capture. These students really have an eye for camera work. 
In other news, students in PPC groups continue to connect with one another. The groups of about ten students each have jelled quickly, learned some communication skills fast and both surprise us and delight us with their openess, honesty and humour. It's evident that PPC is a great fit at Mikisew. These students are ready to talk. The best news of the day really is that there is a plan in the making to timetable the Positive Peer Culture program for next semester. Whooo! 
We also connected students from Downsview and Mikisew through Facebook video chat! Finally, our students got to say hello! Mikisew students even got to meet Downsview's principal Mr. Berto and VP Mr. Johnson (as well as the always amazing Ms. Joseph, Ms. Haines and Ms. D'Andrea). It's very exciting to make this live connection! We also plan to use it if there are any questions about the printer. 
Everything is coming together. 
The only things we can see that Mikisew needs immediately are video cameras and books! The library is in need of an infusion of new maternity rial. Some books are on the way but they need more.
Tonight we went for a little walk to the NorthMart and bought some frozen McCains Pumpkin Pie for dessert. I think we'll check out the arena and see if there's a hockey game now. Good night from Cross Lake! 


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