Monday, 17 October 2016

Printer in the Peg!

Can you hear it?
That long easy breeze, that's the sigh of relief coming out of my throat. The 3D printer arrived in Winnipeg at 6:05pm this evening! WHOOOOOOO!
I am very excited by this because it was nearly turned back at the border a week ago Friday.  The Friday before Canada's Thanksgiving long weekend.
There was some confusion, many phone calls, emails and forms faxed to correct the situation. I am thankful to some wonderful people at FedEx who made sure everything was corrected and the shipment not sent back to the MakerBot head office in Brooklyn, New York.The people are MakerBot were also amazing and on it. And now the printer is waiting for us to take a plane this weekend to Cross Lake!
We've booked extra cargo space on Perimeter Airlines which will be flying us from Winnipeg to Cross Lake on Sunday. We're weighing everything carefully to ensure the extra 200 pounds can cover the MakerBot, filament and camera gear. It's going to be interesting. 
The temperature in Toronto is also incredibly hot in Toronto right now. We are sitting at 19C right now at night and tomorrow is expected to reach 32C with humidity during the day. That said we need to pack for snow and winter temperatures while being mindful of weight.
Aren't those boxes beautiful? It's happening!

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